Have you ever worn a bag on your head?

Back in my student days at Bristol our house headed to Thorpe Park for a fun day out. It was beautiful weather when we first arrived so we were delighted get summer gear on. At about 3pm we were standing towards the back of a 40min queue, about 1o minutes in when the clouds opened and we were utterly soaked. I had straightened my hair that morning so was distraught, so distraught that I wore a bag on my head. There was a weigh up: should I a)look like an idiot with a bag on my head and keep straight hair for the rest of the day, or b)get frizzy hair. Here's the result..


It's easier for me to share this moment when Chloe was in it too- poor Peter was on his own in his bag photo (same queue!)..


and he had a sainsburys one!!

There's safety in numbers.

This girl had a similar conundrum back in London*:


              (*courtesy of Metro newspaper)

Interestingly some designers have embraced this look as a fashion, as seen in Christopher Kane's show in February 2016.. WOW!



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