There's something elegant, mysterious and glamorous about the hood style. Looking out with smoky eyes to the big bad world from a cosy corner of contentment. The picture of Princess Diana captures the hood style sparkle. It's not new: the mass of anorak-with-fake-fur-trim-style coats that are in every high street store keep it alive. I love the under-the-hood look! It's like "this is my place and that's yours. My hood space". What amazes me is how long I went without buying a hooded anorak before I made a hood- but that's another story.

This blog is about Hoodspiration, some of the good hood vibes from out there in the media.

There's Demelza from Cornwall in this season's Poldark:

There has also been some hood moments in the Great British Bake Off:

Quite jazzy for Bake Off.

Louis Vuitton does something close to a hood in their A/W collection:

I was impressed with Audrey Hepburn's train station elegance:

Looking to the right like in Princess Diana's hood photo.

So how will you wear your LILhood....?

Here's a link to our pictures around City of London for a little LILhood inspiration:


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