LILhood goes sailing

LILhoods on a sailing boat in Croatia in late September- who would have thought it? This was Jessica Mayhew's idea, and utterly fabulous!

We each had one for the holiday. Theo decided immediately that the rubgy lads would not approve so didn't wear his on the flight, boat or any other occasion. Kirsty hardly took hers off all holiday and Jessy, who had her own already, wore it with style.

Amazingly LILhoods fit the sailing wardrobe well; for chilly evenings when doing a night sail, for cold knees out for dinner (far more glamorous than a blanket). I was very happy for mine as I had keratin hair treatment not long ago and the golden rule with keratin treatment is no salt contact EVER. With the snuggly surroundings of my LILhood I was able to keep my hair fresh and bouncy all week.

One of the things that surprised me the most was how my brother Arthur took to his. He had a natural fondness of his LILhood, wearing it in the evenings, on the plane, whilst skippering, and even for navigating:

Arthur's is a Big Faux Hood in navy. On special request it has drawstring only; no ribbon. More manly.

In slightly better quality thanks to Kirsty's camera, here's some others of Jessy, Kirsty and I, in the sunset. Nice photography skills here, Theo:

These are all slightly off stitching firsts selling at 15% off, with the discount code "First LILhoods" on check out from ordering a Big Hood.

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