LILhood on the moors

Tash, Sophie and I were oop North watching our boyfriends (*and Sophie's fiancé) playing in an annual rivalrous cricket match, and ventured to the Moor after a very large and delicious lunch at the Blue Bell Inn, to take some photos of the LILhoods.  
It was sunny when we strolled away from the cricket, but after a short time it poured! We were asking for it by doing a long walk with three winter hoods. And we all know what September weather is like in England. It was a dream to see Tash and Sophie wearing the hoods. After a long and hot summer, finally a girls in hoods ta-dah.
At this time of year, the heather comes out on the Moors, so we were a little nervous of ticks! Here goes...

These hoods are sample hoods, Big Hood style in Naughty Navy and Bold Black. They are available for 15% off using the discount code "First LILhoods" at the checkout of Big Hood. Limited number available.


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