Primark sweep

On my way home last weekend I nipped in to Primark, Westfield Stratford, and checked out their winter coats. 

Naturally, as the LILhood needs a friend!

1. LILhood with a leather jacket (£14, Primark product 0232421)

2. LILhood with another leather jacket (£23, Primark product 7307719)

3. LILhood with a black waxy waterproof (£23, Primark product 7275919)

4. LILhood with a khaki waxy waterproof (£23, Primark product 7275911)

5. LILhood with a green long bomber (£20, Primark product 7261712)

6. LILhood with a short black work coat (£16, Primark product 5706005)

7. LILhood with a medium length work coat (£23, Primark product 1184725)

8. LILhood with a short black denim jacket (£12, Primark product 5912911)

9. LILhood with a short indigo denim jacket (£12, Primark product 5912920)

10. LILhood with a sky blue work coat (£30, Atmosphere Primark product )

All the photos are with a Big Hood in Olive Green.

Primark has a typical highstreet winter coat selection of A/W16, but I found no bombers, no tweed coats and no velvet coats-- photos of these will be coming soon.

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