About us

We felt weatherwear in the shops didn't really hit the spot so we designed our own. After putting hours of thought into the PERFECT hood we found the best materials and gave it a go.

Not blowing the trumpet or anything, but (ok we are) here's the reasons we LOVE this hood....

1. It's all enveloping and keeps hair fully dry: frizz- and rain- hair is now a thing of the past. At last we can hang on to a freshly blow dried look 

2. It is fully waterproof and dries within an hour of soaking. Very good with all these monsoon rains we seem to have in London and saves the soppy umbrella situation

3. The sheepskin inside is really cosy. Admittedly not real sheepskin but this type of skeepskin had us fooled for years

4. Hangs around the collar really well when not raining and isn't heavy

5. The fur is raccoon or faux (waterproof) and dries quickly. myLILhood is a proud member of the British Fur Trade Association.

6. The oil skin outside goes very well with a Barbour, also cool with denim, tweed or a ballgown!

7. Makes a nice knee warmer at work or on the tube

8. Drawstring can be pulled in, with additional thick ribbon for double closure in downpours

9. Each hood is handfinished. Can take up to 28 days to deliver

10. All LILhoods are made in London.


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